Engine Rebuilding

Team CJ has been one of the world’s foremost engine builders for more than three decades. In our early years we specialized in mid-century Jaguar XK engines, but soon branched out into just about every classic marque imaginable. We are now constantly rebuilding Jaguar, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin engines for a discerning, worldwide client base.

From the time of your initial enquiry, our experienced technical support team will be there to advise on the precise spec that is best suited to your needs. Whether you are looking for a totally stock Concours rebuild, or an ultra-high performance road racer, you can be certain that we have the experience, resources and expertise to build the engine of your dreams.

Lamborghini 350 GT

At Team CJ we build every engine with zero compromise. Our immaculate in-house machine shop facilities allow us to control every step of the process, from start to finish. Furthermore, the vast majority of components used in Team CJ engine rebuilds have been designed by our own master engine builders and manufactured exclusively for us. This includes pistons, valves, guides, and so much more. We have also developed numerous performance and reliability upgrades that we incorporate into our engine rebuilds. From simple, more effective Jaguar crankshaft seals, all the way to a completely redesigned Lamborghini Miura valve assembly that saves an incredible 68 ounces across the entire valvetrain! There is simply nothing to compare to a TEAM CJ engine rebuild.

All Team CJ engines are test run through several heat cycles on our engine stand prior to crating and shipping.

Ferrari Testarossa

For your convenience, we will be delighted to send our US mainland customers one of our engine shipping crates. Team CJ staff will make all the necessary arrangements for convenient door to door collection and delivery.

All freight charges are invoiced at our cost.

Specifications and prices guides for Jaguar (please contact us to discuss pricing for all other marques)

 •  TEAM CJ Stock 6 (full engine) – Standard full rebuild

 •  TEAM CJ Stage One 6 (full engine) – High performance street

 •  TEAM CJ Stock (6 cyl head) – Standard rebuild, mild upgrades

 •  TEAM CJ Stage One (6 cyl head) – High performance street

 •  TEAM CJ Stage Two 6 – Extreme high performance

 •  TEAM CJ Stock V12 (full engine) – Standard full rebuild

 •  TEAM CJ Stage One V12 (full engine) – High performance street

 •  TEAM CJ Stage Two 12 – Extreme high performance

Jaguar XK140