TEAM CJ Stage One 6 (full engine)

Team CJ STAGE ONE engine rebuild

Basic specification and price guide

Team CJ Stage One E Type engine equipped with triple 45 DCOE Webers

A Team CJ Stage One specification engine rebuild includes everything from a standard specification rebuild, plus the following:

  • Custom CJ forged pistons
  • Uprated rear crankshaft seal
  • Uprated oil pump
  • Uprated ARP main cap bolts
  • Align hone of main caps
  • New oversized tappets
  • Polished and ported cylinder head
  • Uprated camshafts
  • Oversized custom stainless steel valves

A Team CJ Stage One E Type engine is rated at about 310 HP (+/-), which represent a true gain of around 85 HP over a stock engine.

Warranty for a Team CJ Stage One engine rebuild is 36 months with unlimited miles.

Commonly specified (optional) upgrades:

  • Forged Carrillo connecting rods – $2,500
  • Test run, break-in and tune prior to shipping – $900
Flow testing a Stage One cylinder head after completion of port work