TEAM CJ Stock 6 (full engine)

Team CJ standard specification engine rebuild

Basic specification and price guide

Team CJ 6 cyl Jaguar standard specification engine rebuilds, from $20,000

Cosmetically, all Team CJ engine rebuilds are finished to highest concours standards

A Team CJ standard specification engine rebuild actually features a number of performance and reliability upgrades over a true OEM spec engine.

  • Each engine is fully disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, acid washed and machined to accept new custom Team CJ top hat cylinder liners.
  • Main bearing housings are measured for sizing and alignment, and an align hone is performed as required. A full align hone adds approximately $600 to the cost of a stock engine rebuild.
  • The crankshaft is carefully stripped, checked for straightness and cracks, ground to size for optimum bearing clearances, meticulously cleaned and zero balanced.
  • Connecting rods are similarly checked for alignment, straightness and cracks, before being sized, bushed and carefully balanced.
  • New uprated ARP connecting rod bolts are used as a matter of course.
Align hone in progress


  • The cylinders are then honed to size to accept high-quality Team CJ forged pistons.
  • All other new cylinder block components, such as the timing chains, tensioners, dampers, oil pump, bearings, rings, gaskets, etc are the highest quality components available.
Torque plate honing a 4.2 Jaguar block in the CJ machine shop
  • The cylinder head is completely disassembled, media blasted, pressure tested and measured for straightness. Warped heads are straightened in a special oven on a straightening fixture. Head straightening is billed on a time and materials basis, at the prevailing shop rate.
  • The alignment of all cam saddles is checked and corrected on the align hone machine, as needed. A cam cap align hone typically adds around $500 to the cost of an engine rebuild.
  • Any corroded areas (particularly around the water jackets in the deck) are ground back, welded, machined and gasket matched. This type of repair is billed on a time and materials basis, at the prevailing shop labor rate.
  • New custom CJ valve seats are installed as a matter of course, along with new springs, custom CJ magnesium bronze valve guides and custom CJ stainless steel valves.
  • Tappet guides and tappets are checked for wear and replaced as needed.
  • Earlier heads are updated to receive valve seals (intake only), and all heads have a tappet hold down kit installed on the exhaust side.
  • All CJ engine rebuilds are finished to the highest concours standards.

Warranty for a standard specification CJ engine rebuild is 36 months with unlimited miles.

Commonly specified (optional) upgrades:

  • Upgraded rear seal, including machining of the crankshaft – $395
  • Forged Carrillo connecting rods – $2,500
  • Upgraded ARP main cap bolts – $170
  • Align hone as needed – $600
  • Test run, break-in and tune prior to shipping – $900
Surfacing the deck of a Jaguar cylinder head in the CJ machine shop