Team CJ D Type

The exclusive Team CJ Jaguar D Type is an exacting, alloy bodied replica of the 1955 – 1957 Jaguar D Type ‘long nose’ factory race cars that ruled the world of endurance sports car racing in the mid to late fifties. First introduced in 1954, the original Jaguar D Types represented a huge technological advance over their earlier C Type siblings, with exquisite, flowing lines and a radical monocoque body shell created by the legendary Jaguar designer, Malcolm Sayer. In designing the D Type, Sayer drew heavily from his aircraft engineering background, resulting in perhaps the most aerodynamic sport car ever built, at the time. To this day, it endures as one of the most beautiful designs in automotive history.

An original factory 'long nose' D Type (XKD 504) - Inspiration for the Team CJ Jaguar D Type
An original factory ‘long nose’ D Type (XKD 504) – Inspiration for the Team CJ Jaguar D Type

In 1954, the new D Types narrowly lost out to Ferrari at Le Mans. For the 1955 race, Sayer lengthened the nose by a little over 7 inches and added the famous tail fin for enhanced stability as the car tore down the Mulsanne Straight at speeds in excess of 180 MPH. These second and third production year cars are known as the ‘long nose’ D Types.

Jaguar D Types triumphed at Le Mans in 1955, 1956 and 1957, before a change in engine class rules (reduced to 3 litres) forced them out of competition. In 1957, Jaguar D Types took five of the top six places at Le Mans, including the overall victory.

Outwardly, the Team CJ D Type is virtually indistinguishable from one of the original factory long nose cars. Beneath the skin you will find the upgraded suspension and drive train of a 4.2 E Type. The engine is built to CJ Stage Two specs, stroked to 4.7 litres and producing up to 400 HP and 425 ft/lbs of torque. With a curb weight of around 1,900 lbs, the Team CJ D Type has a power to weight ratio that would embarrass many of the world’s modern day super cars.

The cost of a Team CJ D Type is $625,000, which includes the titled identity of an appropriate Jaguar donor car. Each car will take approximately 30 months to complete from commencement of the build process.

All Team CJ D Types are 100% road legal.

Now taking orders for an extremely limited production run of this ultra-special Jaguar sports racer.

Interested parties please call or email for more specific information.