Team CJ 6 cylinder stainless steel tuned exhaust headers

This fabulous Team CJ product combines the best of both worlds: superlative quality construction and appearance with dynamometer developed and race proven enhanced performance. With matched length 1 5/8″ primaries providing highly efficient gas flow and scavenging characteristics, the Team CJ header system is a fully functioning work of art that can increase your HP rating by as much as ten percent!

Please do not confuse our exclusive Team CJ header system with some of the inferior products currently being peddled around the US market. By now you know our credentials – at Classic Jaguar we are building some of the finest E Types in the world and we install the parts we sell on a daily basis. The Team CJ header system is the best E Type header system on the market – otherwise we wouldn’t offer it.

Available for 3.8 and 4.2 E Types